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Getting fit doesn't have to hurt!
Let me show you what a safe and effective (and fun and balanced) health and wellness program can be, whether it's in the form of my YoLarates™, Boomers & Beyond™, exhiLarate™ Cardio Core, or Zumba® classes, my personal training sessions, or my weight management program.


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The 2015 Summer Special at Annalisa Studio will be ending with class on Thursday, September 3rd.

There will not be class on Labor Day, Monday, September 7th.

YoLarates classes at Annalisa Studio will continue until Monday, September 14th.

There will be no classes from Tuesday, September 15th until the Cheshire Adult Ed session starts on Monday, September 21st.

The Fall schedule at Annalisa Studio will be:
Monday 6:00 PM:  YoLarates
Tuesday 5:00 PM: exhiLarate cardio core circuit class
Thursday 5:30 PM: Zumba Gold/Zumba Fitness

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YoLarates™ and Boomers & Beyond™ Body Camp are Trademarked classes by Lara Foldvari.  Use of their names for any similar classes not taught by Lara Foldvari, or a designee of hers, is not permitted. 


You can now purchase class cards for Lara's classes at Annalisa Studio!  Go to the Shop page.

Please check the YoLarates™ Facebook page for the most up-to-date scheduling/new classes/cancellations

If Wallingford, Prospect or Cheshire schools are cancelled, class will be canceled. 

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