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Getting fit doesn't have to hurt!
Let me show you what a safe and effective (and fun and balanced) health and wellness program can be, whether it's in the form of my YoLarates™, Boomers & Beyond™, or Zumba® classes, my personal training sessions, or my exhiLarate weight management program.



The YoLarates™ 8-week Bikini Challenge!

Special Introductory Price: $29.99

Includes:  Exercise Guidelines for 8 weeks PLUS a one-week meal plan

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YoLarates™ and Boomers & Beyond™ Body Camp are Trademarked classes by Lara Foldvari.  Use of their names for any similar classes not taught by Lara Foldvari, or a designee of hers, is not permitted. 

You can now purchase class cards for Lara's classes at Annalisa Studio!  Go to the Shop page.

Please check the YoLarates™ Facebook page for the most up-to-date scheduling/new classes/cancellations

If Wallingford, Prospect or Cheshire schools are cancelled, class will be cancelled. 

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