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Getting fit doesn't have to hurt!
Let me show you what a safe and effective (and fun and balanced) health and wellness program can be, whether it's in the form of my YoLarates™, Boomers & Beyond™, exhiLarate™ Cardio Core, or Zumba® classes, my personal training sessions, or my weight management program.


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The Winter schedule at Annalisa Studio:

Monday 6:00 PM:  YoLarates
Tuesday 5:00 PM: half-hour YoLarates
Thursday 5:30 PM: YoLarates

Policy/class etiquette update/reminder:

  • Classes start promptly at the times listed- please try to arrive a few minutes early to prepare for class
  • Please share the studio space and be aware of the people around you; this includes the instructor (crowding the instructor makes it difficult for others in the class to see)
  • Annalisa Studio does not have the facilities to have children (and observing adults) at classes; it is a liability, and a distraction to the instructor and other class participants.  Please ensure that you have made alternate childcare arrangements 

Thank you for helping to make classes enjoyable for everyone!


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YoLarates™, Boomers & Beyond™ Body Camp, and exhiLarate™ Cardio Core are Trademarked classes by Lara Foldvari.  Use of their names for any similar classes not taught by Lara Foldvari, or a designee of hers, is not permitted. 


You can now purchase class cards for Lara's classes at Annalisa Studio!  Go to the Shop page.

Please check the YoLarates™ Facebook page for the most up-to-date scheduling/new classes/cancellations

If Wallingford, Prospect or Cheshire schools are canceled, class will be canceled. 

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