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Welcome to the Barre Body Challenge! Get ready to embark on an 8-week lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition remodel! You will see overall improvement in muscle tone, balance, core strength, and flexibility. Overall, the average output from a 60-minute Barre workout is anywhere from 300-600 calories. With a refocus on simple and whole foods through a Mediterranean-based diet, you can expect to see increased metabolism and fat loss. Expect to lose fat, gain muscle, and improve overall body tone and strength!

When you sign up for the 8-week challenge, you will receive instant digital access to:
-The Barre Body Challenge Manual

  • ​Barre Body Challenge Body Composition Form
  • Weekly Themed Mini-Challenges to keep you on track
  • Weekly Activity and Food Logs
  • Nutrition tracker and Recipes

- Over 3 hours of unique workout videos​, including Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced!

Click here to get the program for only $49.00!  (Regularly priced at $99.00!)

Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly researched
nutritional product in history, shown to:

~ be bio-available (it gets into our blood)
~ significantly increase antioxidants in your body
~ significantly reduce free radicals (oxidative stress)
~ protect and help repair DNA
~ enhance the immune system
~ improve circulation
~ improve heart health
~ improve skin health
~ improve gum health
~ reduce symptoms of the common cold
~ reduce systemic inflammation
~ improve athletic recovery and performance


As an aromatherapist, I can help you choose the right oils for whatever you may need assistance with, whether it be physical or emotional.

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One of my favorite ways to "wear" my essential oils (especially The Lara) is with diffusing jewelry.  You may have seen my gorgeous necklace from AromaLoveLondon.  Their entire line is beautiful!

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I love love love my Instant Pot for cooking healthy whole-food plant-based meals; especially rice and beans!

I use the 8-qt model, but most people can get away with the 6-qt.

Let me know if you'd like more information on this indispensable kitchen small appliance*.
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First Quarter 2018 Unlimited
January, February, March 2018 unlimited YoLarates classes at Annalisa Studio
Price: $119.00
5-class card
5-class card to be used at Annalisa Studio
Price: $50.00
10-class card
10-class card to be used at Annalisa Studio
Price: $90.00
20-class card
20-class card to be used at Annalisa Studio
Price: $165.00
Holistic Nutrition Coaching
Holistic Nutrition Coaching
Price: $150.00
Enter Option Name:
Aromatherapy Consultation
Learn what essential oils work best for you personally
Price: $35.00
Just a Good Cook...
Lara's cookbook, signed & shipped
Price: $15.00
exhiLarate 10-steps book
exhiLarate 10-steps book, signed and shipped to you
Price: $5.00
Pulse: keep the beat
Pulse: keep the beat
Price: $7.00
Lara's Luscious Lip Balm
natural lip balm with a slight tint and shimmer
Price: $3.00
Rose Gold Shimmer:
Dark Rose Shimmer:
Lara's Luscious Lip Balm 4-pack
natural lip balm with a slight tint and shimmer
Price: $10.00
please specify how many Rose Gold or Dark Rose balms you would like:

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