Celebrating 10 years! Cheshire's barre class since 2009  -
YoLarates is TEN YEARS OLD! 


Getting fit doesn't have to hurt!
Let me show you what a safe and effective (and fun and balanced) health and wellness program can be, whether it's in the form of my YoLarates™, BarreSlim®, Ballerobica®, PBT, Pilates, yoga, or adult ballet classes, or my holistic plant-based nutrition coaching.


When you take a class with Lara, you will get a safe, effective, high quality, true barre class, backed by:

~ 48 years of classical ballet
~ Training in the Vaganova syllabus of ballet
~ Sports Yoga certificate from NESTA
~ 200-hour yoga teacher training certification from YogaRenew
~ Practical Pilates from AFAA
~ Pilates Mat Certification from AFPA
~ Group Fitness Certification from AFAA & ACE
~ Personal Training Certification from ACE
~ Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Stretch & Tone Special Populations, Pre/Post-Natal Barre Certifications from IBBFA
~ Master Barre Instructor with IBBFA Barre Certification
~ Ten years teaching barre- the first barre class in Cheshire!

Don’t be fooled by a popular class. You cannot teach a safe, effective, high quality, true barre class without the proper education. A Pilates or yoga class with weights, a squishy ball, and a ballet barre don’t count. Don’t let the YouTube and Instagram “experts” fool you.

Cheshire, CT's first barre class, since 2009.  A classic and fun fusion of yoga, Pilates, and ballet, created and taught by Master Barre Instructor, Lara Foldvari

BarreSlim classes are designed to increase the intensity of a normal Barre class. On average, you will burn about 20% more calories in a BarreSlim class than in a standard, low-cardio Barre class.

Cardio (non-impact, low impact, high impact), strength training/conditioning, and stretching in a class that bridges the world of ballet with the world of fitness

Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.
Each exercise has been developed with care and guidance with a team of physiotherapists. 

The YoLarates™ schedule at Annalisa Studio:

Monday 6:00 PM:  YoLarates™ barre
Tuesday 5:15 PM: BarreSlim® 45-minute express
Thursday 5:30 PM:  YoLarates™ barre
Saturday 10:00 AM: Ballerobica®

Drop-ins welcome!

Online scheduling


YoLarates™ Code of Ethics

  1. Provide a safe and effective class for all levels of fitness, age, gender, race, and creed. 
  2. Teach and advise within scope of practice.
  3. Maintain professional boundaries.
  4. Maintain client confidentiality.
  5. Direct clients to seek medical attention when necessary.
  6. Do not discriminate against clients or colleagues on any level.
  7. Do not intentionally solicit for other barre professionals’ clients.
  8. Treat clients and colleagues with respect, truth, fairness, and integrity.
  9. Comply with all applicable business, employment and intellectual property laws.
  10. Maintain professional appearance and conduct.
  11. Do not misrepresent skills, training, professional credentials, identity, or services.
  12. Continue gaining education to enhance skills and knowledge, and to provide the highest quality services to clients.
  13. Maintain current Group Fitness, Barre, and other international certifications, including, but not limited to those in fitness and nutrition.
  14. Maintain appropriate insurance.
  15. Maintain CPR/AED/First Aid certification.
  16. Maintain appropriate teacher-to-student ratios in all class settings.

Policy/class etiquette update/reminder:

  • Classes start promptly at the times listed- please try to arrive a few minutes early to prepare for class
  • Please share the studio space and be aware of the people around you; this includes the instructor (crowding the instructor makes it difficult for others in the class to see)
  • Annalisa Studio does not have the facilities to have children (and observing adults) at classes; it is a liability, and a distraction to the instructor and other class participants.  Please ensure that you have made alternate childcare arrangements 
  • Please turn phones off or to silent while class is in session
  • Talking while class is in session is distracting to the instructor and others in the class who are not part of your conversation.
  • Please remember that it is impolite to stare
  • The recommended weight for YoLarates, Boomers & Beyond, and exhiLarate is 1-3 pounds per dumbbell; the use of anything heavier than this is at your own risk (and will void any participation waiver) (men may go as heavy as 5-pound weights)(ankle and wrist weights up to 1 pound are allowed for BarreSlim & Ballerobica classes with instructor approval)
  • Please follow and wait for the instructor's direction and cues
  • Dress comfortably- think yoga wear.  Bare feet, ballet slippers, or grippy socks recommended.  Dance sneakers recommended if you need more support
  • Please do not wear outdoor footwear into the working area of the Studio in an effort to keep the floors clean and safe
  • Drop-ins are welcome.  $12.00/class or purchase 5-, 10-, 20-, or 30-class cards for a discount

Thank you for helping to make classes enjoyable for everyone!

You can purchase class cards for Lara's classes held at Annalisa Studio!  Go to the Shop page.

Auto-billing is now available for monthly and 3-month unlimited packages!  Email Lara for more information!

Please check the YoLarates™ Facebook page for new classes or cancellations

If Cheshire schools are canceled or have an early dismissal/no evening activities, classes at Annalisa Studio will be not be held. For summertime, weekends and scheduled school holidays, please check the YoLarates Instagram and Facebook pages. 

***Lara is currently not accepting personal training clients.***
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YoLarates™, Boomers & Beyond™ Body Camp, and exhiLarate™ Cardio Core are Trademarked classes by Lara Foldvari.  Use of their names for any similar classes not taught by Lara Foldvari, or a designee of hers, is not permitted. 



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