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Holistic Life Coaching

Most of us do not have goals of becoming an Olympic lifter or a bikini model, so why should we train and eat as if we do? Let me be your Holistic Life Coach. You will learn how to eat, exercise and live your life to become the healthiest version of you possible.

I'll show you how to change your health and your life.

Learn how to set goals and get organized and find a support system while you are getting healthy.  Hear how I lost weight and kept it off, and how you can, too.  Find your soulmate workout.  Eat real food, and enjoy restaurants and holidays again.  

Price includes 3-day food journal review, a one-week exercise calendar, a one-week meal plan, and, if necessary, a home workout DVD appraisal. 

Follow-up sessions also available.
_____________________________________________________I have been trained in the power of preventive, nutritional medicine.  Find me listed here:


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Holistic Nutrition Coaching
Holistic Nutrition Coaching
Price: $150.00

Indicate if you would like to meet online or in person (25 mile radius of Cheshire, CT only)


Workout DVD appraisal (local to Cheshire, CT only, unless I own the DVD you would like to be appraised) includes safety, warm-up and cool-down/stretch modifications if necessary.  $10.00/30-60 minute DVD


1-week customized meal-planning $30.00

(current age, height and weight information will be kept confidential)


Follow-up session $50.00

I love love love my Instant Pot for cooking healthy whole-food plant-based meals; especially rice and beans!

I use the 8-qt model, but most people can get away with the 6-qt.

Let me know if you'd like more information on this indispensable kitchen small appliance*.
*affiliate link


“Lara has given me all the tools and knowledge to eat healthy and to get fit and stay fit.  She is also a living example and great motivation that if you follow her plan it will work!”
"I carry your packet of info with me all the time as a reminder of the right things to do.  I am hoping that 2013 is the year for me, thanks to your help."

"This week was life-changing!"

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