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Welcome to the BarreSlim 8-week Challenge by the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association!

Signing up for this challenge is your first step to getting the body you deserve while doing the exercise you already love...BARRE!

It will include an interactive participant’s journal that will
give you all the tools you will need to be successful for the entire 8- week challenge:

  • The BarreSlim Challenge Meal Guide

  • The BarreSlim Challenge Body Composition Form

  • Weekly Themed Mini-Challenges to Keep You On Track

  • Weekly Activity and Food Logs

Sign up online here, or below (via PayPal) for the in-studio Challenge at Annalisa Studio in Cheshire, CT.

(Contact Lara for more information on what each version of the Challenge includes.)

Add the BarreSlim Supplement to enhance your results.  You can purchase at Annalisa Studio or online below.


You can find t-shirts and more at my CafePress shop


As certified aromatherapist, I can help you choose the right oils for whatever you may need assistance with, whether it be physical or emotional.

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One of my favorite ways to "wear" my essential oils (especially The Lara) is with diffusing jewelry.  You may have seen my gorgeous necklace from AromaLoveLondon.  Their entire line is beautiful!

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I love love love my Instant Pot for cooking healthy whole-food plant-based meals; especially rice and beans!

I use the 8-qt model, but most people can get away with the 6-qt.

Let me know if you'd like more information on this indispensable kitchen small appliance*.
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I've been drinking celery juice every day for over a month, and I love how good it makes me feel (and, dare I say, look)!  And I love my masticating juicer from Tribest.  Click below to check out all of the models.  (I have and use the very economical SHINE.)

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Single classes, packages, and auto-billing available on Schedulicity.

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One-month unlimited, June 2019
1-month unlimited YoLarates classes at Annalisa Studio
Price: $65.00
Sale! Third Quarter 2019 Unlimited
July, August, September 2019 unlimited barre fitness classes at Annalisa Studio
Price: $165.00 $148.00
BarreSlim Challenge in studio
BarreSlim Challenge at Annalisa Studio
Price: $39.00
BarreSlim Supplement
BarreSlim Supplement 1-month supply
Price: $39.00
5-class card
5-class card to be used at Annalisa Studio
Price: $55.00
10-class card
10-class card to be used at Annalisa Studio
Price: $95.00
20-class card
20-class card to be used at Annalisa Studio
Price: $175.00
30-class card
30 classes at Annalisa Studio
Price: $235.00
Holistic Nutrition Coaching
Holistic Nutrition Coaching
Price: $150.00
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Aromatherapy Consultation
Learn what essential oils work best for you personally
Price: $35.00
Just a Good Cook...
Lara's cookbook, signed & shipped
Price: $15.00
exhiLarate 10-steps book
exhiLarate 10-steps book, signed and shipped to you
Price: $5.00
Pulse: keep the beat
Pulse: keep the beat
Price: $7.00

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