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Your barre class since 2009

With Lara Foldvari

at The BOG (Barre On the Go)

"It's a barre class, not Swan Lake."

Open House was held on Saturday September 25th

Discover Cheshire's best-kept barre secret!

  • Please join us for an open house on Saturday September 25th
  • Stretch & Tone at 9:30 AM followed by our studio express class which is a blend of YoLarates, Legacy Barre, and more stretching & toning (10:45 AM)
  • Discount code for all who attend- whether in-person or online

We are celebrating 12 years of barre in town and honoring our amazing student-friends!  Thank you for being such an incredible community!

Join us in the studio or online- reservations required for both.

Lara is an amazing instructor! Her classes are carefully crafted for a head to toe workout that help you build strength, flexibility, and keep you fit. Her ever evolving playlists keep it lively and fun. I have enjoyed working with her for almost 10 years and she keeps me coming back. I truly love her classes!


Student-frie​nd for almost 10 years!

Over 100 classes in the past year!

Lara is amazing! She is knowledgeable, creative, and fun! I love going to all her classes! I keep coming to class because [she is] so committed to [her]craft and to us! 


 Student-friend for almost nine years!

Over 100 classes in the past year!

What keeps me coming to class is how [Lara] make[s] each and every class fun, always changing the playlists & learning new concepts to make it beneficial for us all!!


Student-friend for five years!

Over 200 classes in the past year!

Love my Barre and Stretch classes at BOG... always fun to join the ladies for great exercise and chats!


Student-friend for almost seven years!

Almost 250 classes in the past year!

I have been taking classes with Lara for several years. I like the variety of classes she offers throughout the week. I especially like her Monday class, YoLarates Barre. This class includes Yoga, Barre, Pilates and weights, giving you a total body workout in 50 minutes. Having the Zoom classes in the last year and a half has worked very well for me.


Student-friend for almost four years!

Over 100 classes in the past year!

I like the variety of classes and the modifications made especially for Legacy Barre. I also like to be able to go into content library and take a class on the days I can't get outside to exercise.


Student-friend for eight years!

Over 100 classes in the past year!

Here's a photo of my hiking body... strong arms and legs. I can lift my suitcase to the overhead racks and bins on trains and planes. I can do a Tree Pose without wobbling. I clear my mind during the Pigeon Pose. All of this is from taking [Lara's] well taught and various exercise classes. I smile during class listening to the fun playlists while exercising with [Lara] and our friends. Thank you for keeping us going!--


Student-friend for seven years!

Over 100 classes in the past year!